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High-quality and unique design, developed together with the professional GT racing team ID-RACING from Kempten. Because we are convinced: If you want to be successful, you need a strong identity. If you want to be successful, you need a strong identity. With all our energy we support not only our sponsors and partners, drivers and riders, but also the customers of our merchandising store to stand out from the crowd to become even more attractive and successful, but also to have first-class experiences and fun. In all this, we focus on what excites and fascinates us: Motorsport, which we do in a respectful manner with each other and in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. Exactly this principle also applies to our unique store collection. Excellent quality with memorable design at a balanced price, in the spirit of the well-known lifestyle brand Life Is Better on Racetracks.

Join us and our partners in one of the most emotional sports in the world - motorsports

Be there as we compete for points and victory on racetracks around the world

Secure your own ID with things that make your life more enjoyable off the track

  • Fashion / Accessories
  • Useful & Gifts
  • ...and much more
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Our exclusive ID Racing Fan Collection is only available here as an original product. The product range is constantly expanding and offers everyone his personal fan article or a unique and special gift in the distinctive style of the successful German GT racing team.


Our well-known and established brand LIFE IS BETTER ON RACETRACKS™ stands since 2014 for sporty, casual fashion and accessories around motorsports. Our products are finished in Germany and each one is subject to a high quality standard you can trust. 

Unique, high-quality and first-of-its-kind.

Only licensed products. 100% official merchandising. Guaranteed!